Introduction To Madness


Yes, you, hi.

I’ll introduce myself later. But anyways, welcome. To a place in which I spill my deepest, darkest secrets about Demon fighting brothers, overly emotional and alternative music, and, most of all, the opinions no one is willing to listen to in person anymore.

I am no master of satire, nor am I the ring bearer, but I do have a very particular set of skills. Skills I’ve acquired over a long, and fairly shady role as an ApertureScience guinea pig. I do not think inside, nor do I think outside of “The Box,” I recognize that the box and everything around it is a lie. I think with portals.

Now, if you choose to stay with me for the long run, you may experience anger, violence, and rage the likes of which you’ve never imagined…or you might get to know me… Either way, it’s bound to get intense. 


tumblrbot said: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

Cybernetic Velociraptors

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